Who would walk their dog at 6:00am, in the rain, drive to a remote area, look down the street before taking a walk, a crazy person? By Nance Moran

That was me!

Is walking your dog a point of tension that makes you dread the likelihood of running into another dog? It doesn’t have to be this way! I know I have been there and have successfully rehabilitated my own dog and others with amazing results. Yes, I have a dog that was once so reactive to seeing another dog. Hair standing on end, pulling, barking and lunging. I dreaded going for a walk as what might happen, did people think I was a terrible owner or my dog was bad?  That is just not the case for me or for you!

This was many moons ago before I had the knowledge and skill to change all this.  Don’t be embarrassed…let’s face it, there are a lot of us out there! With controlled counterconditioning and desensitization done by a professional such as Life is Dog, Inc you will see remarkable improvement and have the tools in hand to be successful!  We offer a safe place for those feelings and the gift of knowledge and confidence to you. Where will you walk when you can without fear and embarrassment?


Contact us now to begin a new day! Lifeisdog1@gmail.com or on our private training page learn more!


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