Life is dog

Dog training, daycamp & walking space located in Marlborough MA. Want your dog to pay attention to you instead of the world around you? A well trained & well exercised dog is the key to happiness! We provide peace of mind to our pet parents, focusing our attention on the health, safety, and happiness of your dog(s).


dog-training-bone-marlborough-ma-14Benefits of Exercise

The “releash” of energy and mental stimulation does wonders for a pet’s happiness and wellbeing. It is not easy on dogs to stay at home all day (although it may seem so) without facing boredom that may lead to bad habits. We learn about your pet through a complete profile that provides us with information on medical history, routine, behavior and temperament. We learn about their likes and dislikes, and daily activities, which enlightens us on how best to make our individual clients happy.