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All of our employees use a pet care app called LeashTime.  This is where we keep all of your information, your pet’s information and your schedule.  Our employee’s clock in and out of each of their pet visit along with sending you a short message on how much your fur baby enjoyed their visit.


Services are billed with payment prior to services being rendered. For ease of payment we recommend that you keep a credit card on file and can be charged at that time. We have a convenient payments system offered through our secure client login in LeashTime. Check payments are due within 7 days of invoicing and prior to vacation services. Remaining credits/balances from additional services or cancellations will be placed on the next invoice.

We accept payment by credit card through our online scheduling system, Leashtime. Returned check fees of $40.00 will apply.


We require 2 copies of your house keys at the time of our first meeting.  If you are unable to supply us with the keys at this time we will be happy to arrange to pick them up for an additional fee of $10.


Although scheduled visits and walks will be performed, our office is closed for business the following holidays:

New Years Day, Presidents Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and Day after, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


We understand the need to cancel or take a vacation day from our visits. Please give as much notice in advance with a minimum of the day prior by 10AM. Walks will be billed for services canceled after this time.

Excessive cancellations may lead to loss of your scheduled time frames as our walkers have set aside this time especially for you.

Cancellation of vacation visits 2 week prior is 50% refund less than 7 days no refund for scheduled services.

Pet Behavior and Vaccinations

All pets must be up to date on required vaccinations and licensed accordingly. Unfortunately we cannot care for pets with aggressive behavior as this presents a risk to our walkers and others. We retain the right to terminate services if there is a risk to our walkers.

Inclement Weather

We walk in all kinds of weather, rain, snow, and sleet! We want to ensure that your dog and our walkers are as safe as possible when inclement weather is severe. As an impending snowstorm comes about we will send out an email to clients the day before the storm asking anyone who plans on being home due to the storm to please cancel their walks. This will be based on our best judgment and is meant simply as a reminder and precaution. Our foremost concern will be to get to the dogs that absolutely need to be walked, and to do so safely.

It is also important for us to take into consideration the time your dog spends outside on very cold days. As we all know some pets can handle the cold weather better than others! We will use our best judgment in how long to keep your pet outdoors unless you have a specific request. Our visit will remain the same time in length, as we will simply spend that time indoors playing and giving affection.

Please leave a towel for wet days so that we can towel off your pets paws and keep your floor clean.

In the event of an emergency, roads may be restricted. We highly recommend that you plan ahead to provide a neighbor, friend or family member with a key so that they may ensure your pets safety during an emergency or natural disaster.

Service Provider Vacation/Sick Days

Sometimes it is inevitable that our walkers get sick or request time off. We will be sure to communicate this to you and arrange for another walker to substitute. The substitute walker will be well prepared and understand your pet’s needs. You may choose to take a vacation at the same time as your walker without penalty for cancellation.