Group Dog Training

Levels Obedience Training: $225/Monthly Membership Fee (2 months minimum)

Life is Dog is very excited about our new membership style dog training classes serving areas of: Marlborough, Hudson, Southborough, Framingham & Sudbury and surrounding towns.Vaccine Requirements Classes

  • For puppies: 2nd distemper plus one week post vaccine, rabies of age eligible, negative for parasites -minimum of 10 days in home prior to coming.
  • For puppies over 16 weeks, and all adult dogs: Distemper/Parvo or positive immunity titer results, and Rabies

Our goal is to provide the best training environment for our clients at the best value.

Unlimited Sessions

Self-Paced Membership Training Program with unlimited sessions during your enrollment period! Move through the program to more challenging levels as your dog’s obedience improves.

Build Basic Skills

Everyone starts at Level 1 to create the basic foundation skills. You may attend as many classes at you want during your enrollment period.

All Levels

Have fun and move through all levels and become eligible to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.

What you will learn


Level 1 learn foundation skills: attention, name response, sit, down, loose leash walking, wait and self control, drop, leave-it, targeting, handling and many other new skills. In every level we always bring fun and new challenges to all classes! 

In our weekly puppy only classes (under 20 weeks/5 months) we begin puppy essential skills for puppies and Mom’s and Dad’s where we go over house training, crate training, puppy schedules, puppy behaviors and how to manage and train, how to socialize to people, objects, sights and sounds, handling, and other puppies. 


Level 2 builds upon foundation behaviors along with recall, place command, advancing loose leash walking, leave it, recalls, good greetings with people and people with dogs on leash, self control, stay, and other behaviors, under beginning duration, distances, and distractions. We will also bring novel learning experiences to you in classes! 


Level 3 advances all of these practiced skills using higher distractions, durations, and distances for the behaviors we have solidly built upon with you to practice inside and outside in a group setting. Have fun and challenge yourself using all the work you and your dog have achieved with us! Take the Canine Good Citizen if your pup qualifies for the evaluation.

Steps to Join


Register for the monthly auto renew (2 month minimum). Purchase now to schedule classes and your start date will be moved to your first date of attendance.


Come to several classes a week as you like, just sign up for each using Acuity. You can cancel a sign up to open up space for another student as well.


Once your membership has been purchased please fill out the registration form. This must be completed before attending your first class.

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