Private Dog Training

We service areas of: Marlborough, Southborough, Sudbury, Hudson & Framingham

Private dog training is a great avenue to create or modify existing behaviors so you can enjoy being in company with your dog. It is perfect for puppies or the young and old.   As an APDT member, we use reward based reinforcement training methods! We create enjoyable and structured training for you and your dog!

Private Training Prices

Bachelor’s Degree: $1,675
Associate Degree: $575
One hour private at facility: $100
One hour private in home: $125
Reactive Dog Program: $775
Day Academy Training: $125/day (Tues & Thurs)
8 days recommended
Minimum of 4 days required. 2 rounds of 8 sessions is typically recommended for adolescent dogs.
Please note your dog must be dog & people friendly for our regular training programs.  If you need help in this area please see our Reactive Dog Classes. We see amazing results with our Reactive Dog programs please see information at the bottom of the page on the Reactive Dog programs.

Requirements for any of LID Training Programs

    • Negative (clear) fecal
    • Age appropriate Rabies vaccine
    • Dogs need to be in your home for at least 10 days.
    • Weekly homework is required, owners are ultimately responsible for the training progress & results by practicing and completing the homework
    • Any sessions canceled by owner impairs the process of the desired results
    • Puppies can start privately before full vaccination as early as 9 weeks
    • For day training academy we require 1 week after the 2nd distemper vaccine, rabies age appropriate, kennel cough and negative fecal within 1 month

Bachelor’s Degree:


  • Training in our Facility
  • In your home & outdoors on-leash.
  • Harness or Gentle leader included
  • Behavioral challenges may need to be worked on separately prior to this program
  • Basic to Advanced Manners Privately Done with You as well as Private work by Trainer
  • One month of group classes
*Transportation for trainer sessions can be added if requested for an additional fee dependent on location.

Week 1

Jump start attention, sit, down, wait, leave it

  • Two – 2 hour sessions – Trainer will Jump Start above behaviors
  • Two – 1 hour sessions with you & your dog, homework required

Week 2

Continue building Week 1 behaviors – practicing at home is key to success

  • Two – 1 hour sessions with trainer
  • Two – 30 minute sessions with you & your dog, homework will be checked

Week 3

Adding duration on learned behaviors & jump starting place & loose leash walking

  • Two – 1 hour sessions with our trainers
  • Two – 30 minute sessions with you and your dog

Week 4

Proofing in your home

  • Four – 30 minute sessions with you and your dog
  • Continue practicing and come to group classes (1 month included)

Additional Masters Certificates are available for Loosh Leash Walking & Recall Training for an additional fee!

Associate Degree:  $575.00

  • At our Facility in Marlborough

Basic Manners done with you:

  • Attention
  • Sit, Down
  • Leave it, Drop it
  • Begin loose leash walking
  • Advance these skills in group classes
  • Weekly homework is required and practiced
  • Three – 1 hour weekly sessions with you and a trainer
  • 2 months of access to our Levels Group Training Membership Classes which can be started after the 1st private session is completed or anytime when vaccines meet requirements.

Reactive Dog Program:  $775.00

Does your dog “lunge” at the end of your leash at other dogs? Is he difficult to take for a walk around the block?  Does he bark uncontrollably at the end of the leash?

Image if you could take a walk with a calm, confident and quiet dog!!  We can help you with this using positive based practical training techniques that work!!

  • Training is done at our facility & then out on field trips to help you practice what you have learned.
  • This program includes seven, 30 minute sessions with two trainers & exposures to different dogs or people.
  • Learn how to help your dog be calm around other dogs while on leash
  • Learn how to change and re-shape your dogs reactive episodes using positive based training techniques
  • We will help you to desensitize your dog to approaching dogs & people or both.

Contact us NOW to schedule your FREE Phone Consult!

Our Trainers will evaluate your dog and discuss your training needs at our facility in Marlborough.  This will give us the opportunity for us to evaluate your dog, hear what your training goals are and fit you with the training program that will work best for you and your dog.

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