Top Five Training Pet Peeves, with Life is Dog, Inc

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Top Five Training Pet Peeves, with Life is Dog, Inc

Are dog walks hard work? Tired of your dog pulling, jumping, or not coming when called? Join us for a free, fun talk with Nance Moran, creator and co-owner of Life is Dog, Inc., offering private and group training and problem behavior modification, dog walking, and dog and puppy camp.
In this informative session, Nance will teach positive reinforcement, which encourages building a relationship with your dog by learning to communicate effectively with them. The session will be held from 10AM-12PM on Sunday, November 4, 2018 at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts.
It is Nance’s love of all animals and dogs in particular that inspires her. Nance is also an experienced Veterinary Technician with a Master’s Degree in Biology. Her 15 years of prior experience as a scientist supports her scientific-based training approach using marker and reward-based training.
Nance has three wonderful furry kids: Baxter the boxer, and Charlee the golden, and a kitty named Sampson.
Email us at to book your free spot today!
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