Who’s more disappointed you or your dog? Is daycare really a fit for all dogs?

When it comes to socializing dogs we can’t get enough of good early socialization of puppies and a lifetime commitment to keep that up.  However, why do we as owners want our dogs to love being surrounded by a group of dogs?
I know this question because I have a dog who daycare just isn’t right for.  Too often we project our feelings of the need for play and company on our dogs.  Everyone is doing it why can’t your dog? Well, everyone shouldn’t be that’s the bottom line. In our experience daycare is not for everyone but really an estimate of a handful in 20 dogs actually should be in that environment.  We are very careful in evaluating enjoyment by doing not only a pre temperament evaluation but slow introductions and careful observations continue.
Too often daycares are not looking at body language and monitoring whether a dog is truly enjoying the group setting.  We are proponents of being sure that daycare causes no harm to the dog emotionally and finding other avenues if it’s just not a good fit for the dog like walking services or adventure hikes.  Maybe your dog just likes a select friend or friends? That’s ok too!
Keep in mind, we humans do not care for everyone we meet so I encourage you to be open to your dogs likes and dislikes and focus on their likes! Life is too short and certainly too short for our furry kids so be good to them.  Afterall, Life is dog and we should release the love!
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