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During the current COVID-19 precautions we are introducing online live Q&A and on demand classes for new puppies or class for dogs of all ages. We want to make sure that you have the tools to continue or begin your training with your puppy.


What you get:

    • Instruction and demonstration of reward based training exercises simplified and easy 
    • Convenient live and recorded on demand classes
    • Feedback and question response by our trainers
    • All of your family can participate, great for kids too
    • For dogs of all ages: basic obedience classes
    • Five weeks of five 30-40 minute on demand classes available to you online
    • Five once a week question and answer small group sessions live
    • Join our in person classes immediately when ready 


For Adults & Teens:

  • Intro to Marker Reward Training
  • Attention
  • Loose leash walking 
  • Sit/Down/Stay
  • Come 
  • Leave It/Drop It
  • Handling & Socializing
  • Good greetings/not jumping
  • Wait & Impulse Control
  • Targeting
  • A fun trick or two


For Puppies 8-18 Weeks Old:

  • Preparation for a new puppy
  • Household acclimation and schedules
  • Intro to Marker reward training
  • Crate training/Housebreaking
  • Attention/Sit/Down
  • Stay Beginnings/Come Beginnings
  • Leave it/drop it
  • Handling/Socializing Coaching w/ People & Dogs
  • Socializing to sounds & objects
  • Curbing and redirecting common puppy behaviors
  • Over 6 printable handouts including: socializing, crate training, schedules, exercise and appropriate play, handling for grooming
  • A fun trick or two

       No need to wait for this pandemic to end.  Start your dog training NOW!!!

              • Click the course button below to purchase the one you want        
              • You will receive access to the courses online within 24 hours
              • Watch the videos in sequence & attend live sessions
              • You will have access to the printable handouts
Puppy Online Course Adult & Teen Online Course